Community Service

Building unity through community service.

Freda’D Parfum Community Service is where we and our valued customers share the smile in serving the community, providing opportunities to help those in need and enhance the quality of life in the community.

Freda’D Parfum Community Service Guidelines:

  1. The best service opportunities are collaborative—working side by side with others in faith-based, nonprofit, community, and government organizations.
  2. Community service opportunities should enhance the quality of life in the community and assist the poor and needy.
  3. Freda’D Parfum Community Service projects have no political or advocacy focus, non profit oriented, or directly involve participants in soliciting or handling money or other prohibited activities.

Community service is exactly what it sounds like: services that you do to benefit your community. If that sounds a little broad, it’s because it is — community service can take a lot of different forms since there’s SO much you can do to help folks out in your area.

But that might leave you wondering where to start. (Spoiler alert: this is where you start!) We’ve put together a list of community service project ideas, organized by what you’ll be doing. Whether that’s collecting, teaching, volunteering, or something else, you should be able to find something to inspire you to get out there and do. Here aresome ideas for your consideration:

Collect Things for Your Community:

If you look around your community, you’ll probably find at least a few places that accept donations — like food pantries, family shelters, and schools, just to name a few:

  1. Collect school supplies.
  2. Collect unused makeup to donate.
  3. Collect hygiene products.
  4. Collect clothes.
  5. Collect stuffed animals.
  6. Collect books and donate them to a library.