A Little Girl's Dream

When children her age were frolicking in playgrounds, Freda was introduced to the magical world of scents. Every day at Daddy’s perfume shop was an adventure. Watching Daddy handling customers, being introduced to different scents and being allowed to mix scents (under Daddy’s ever watchful eyes); eventually led Freda to be known as the little perfume girl. This was the start to her relationship with the world of perfumery.

Freda’s dad was a second generation perfumer, following his father’s footsteps in producing Arabic inspired fragrances. He then began manufacturing perfumes for many other major brands around the world during his time. Freda first created perfumes for herself to suit different occasions. Over the years, she received many queries from friends about where she bought them from, resulting in many request for the perfumes. It is based on the feedback and demand that Freda’D was born in 2014.

When her dad passed on in 2018, it was a difficult grieving period for Freda as he was a great influence and inspiration in her life. But with God’s grace and strength, along with the love from her husband, family & friends, she began to heal and felt a renewed sense of purpose to continue his work and at the same time, breathe new life into the family fragrance business.

“I put my heart & soul, motivation and dedication to push on and make it work for Freda ‘D. I knew then, there is no turning back and I have to continue to make Daddy proud.” – Freda

A Story Behind Every Scent

Every fragrance has a different unique story to tell as it is created based on Freda’s fondest memories, travels and life experiences. She takes pride in creating perfumes with the use of fragrance notes. Similar to how musical notes make up a song, Freda blends fragrance notes together to form a unified, pleasing long lasting perfume, that truly comes from the heart. Each perfume is a beautiful work of art that can be interpreted and enjoyed in many ways.

As a former flight attendant, Freda had tried plenty of perfumes that were too harsh for her delicate & sensitive skin. She grew tired of spending hundreds of dollars trying all sorts of brands from all over the world trying to find the perfect product. She also realised that many perfumeries, including her father’s, were lacking in producing perfumes that could survive the hot & humid climate of Singapore. So she began the long journey of research & development into perfume making and what started as a quest to solve her own problems became a solution many came to love as well.

Freda’D has scents for different personalities and styles; the young, the old, the sporty, the sexy. To pair up with fashion will not only bring out the perfume style but enhance and complement the entire attire as well.

My inspiration is my father, who is a perfumer. I believe that fashion is not just about the clothes a person wears. Without the right scent, the overall outfit will not be complete.” -Freda

The Circle of Life

This hand-painted circle brush stroke is incorporated into Freda’D branding for its new perfume label and packaging. The intention is to invite creative energy into an inner journey of self-discovery, where each day is filled with passion, joy and happiness. 

This uniquely round brush stroke embodies the concept of “The Circle of Life”, a familiar phrase from a song of the same title in the movie, The Lion King. It is an annotation to the excitement & resilience life story of ‘A Little Girl’s Dream’ – fill with triumphs alongside struggles – to create fragrances that invoke a language of memories. It is also a reminder that no matter who we are, what we will be and where we are from, we all breathe the same air and what we do in life and for others will reflect and speak for our character and personality. As Sir Elton John puts it, “It’s the circle of life, and it moves us all, through despair and hope, through faith and love, ’till we find our place, on the path unwinding.”