Private Label


Our fragrance experts develop your scent exclusively for you and according to your wishes. We are happy to consult you on current fragrance trends.


Choose a perfume bottle from our broad range. Select your atomizer and cap. The labels will be printed according to your specifications.


We create your packaging according to your specifications.


Choose and design optional additional promotional materials like samples of your corporate perfume. 



  • We use the best ingredients and raw materials available in the world market only. From fragrances to bottles and packaging, we work with reliable partners and long-term premium suppliers.


  • Our experienced business client representatives look forward to working with you. Your personal contact person will stay with you from your first enquiry until delivery and beyond!


  • Whether you are just starting with a line of just 25 bottles or you are developing a corporate line of 25,000 pieces or more – due to our production and operation teams we are able to deliver fast and customized to your needs.


  • We are developing a solution according to your individual enquiry. We also offer customization of every single bottle in your line with your client’s, partner’s or employee’s names.


  • We are supplying best quality and service at a reasonable pricing because we believe in long term business partnerships!


Get in contact with us via our Contact Us form, email ( or phone (+65 9163 4691). Together we will discuss your specifications, provide further information and create your personal non-binding offer.

Our fragrance experts develop 5 samples of your scent according to your specifications. You would then choose one of the samples or if all are not to your liking, our experts will further develop a scent till you are satisfied.

You choose a perfume bottle, atomizer, cap, design and packaging. Optional our designers create your packaging designs for you according to your specifications.

You are 100% satisfied? We will start producing your customized scent!

It will usually take about 4-8 weeks for completion of the final product. In this case, we highly recommend you to get in touch with us as soon as possible.

Create and Develop with FREDA’D your own line of perfume for your company for the purpose of

Your own brand or private label, personal gift, give away, corporate scent or for professional marketers.

The desire to create your own line of perfume can result from many different reasons. Nowadays, it is very common to complete and diversify your product range with a new kind of product such as a perfume and to enter a world of scents and dive into the perfumer’s universe in order to distinguish your company from your competitors by proposing a product representing your brand. Whether you would like to order a limited edition of 25 perfumes or a big set of more than 25,000 pieces, we are the right partner. Thanks to an all-inclusive service, our team will guide you through all the steps, from the creation to the production of your perfume. The conception of the smell, the design of the packaging, nothing is left to chance so that you can get the perfume that corresponds to your company. Expand your product range and reach a larger target audience. Discover the sector of business customers in order to know exactly the needs of your customers and to work in a group-oriented way so that you can constantly develop and improve your marketing strategy. Maybe you would be able to increase your position on the market by giving your customers an innovative product. Develop with our help a fragrance that perfectly matches your corporate identity and revealed new customer requests. An individual and personalized perfume is also a good idea to bond with your employees. Benefit from the creation of personalized perfumes and to improve your product range with a unique product.


Your specialist for the development, the production and the launch of individual perfumes

The development of your perfume will start in a classic way. Our perfume experts will work closely with you to create your perfume according to your recipe and make sure all your desires and ideas are entirely respected. Whether you would like to create a classic woman fragrance with sweet notes of Vanilla and strong aromas of roses, an extravagant unisex perfume with an original mix of coconut and almond, or even a modern fragrance for men with female influence given by the mango combined with the Tonka bean, our experts will respect your wishes in every detail. No limit is set and we will work on the smell until you have found the right fragrance that you have always dreamed about. Our experts have specific skills and are improving themselves every day in order to produce fine quality fragrances for the ever-changing market. However, the smell of your perfume is not the only thing that matters. Packaging on the other hand plays an important role in order to increase the sales and attract new potential customers. We are therefore here to advise you and help you choose the perfect glass bottle in order to have the best ensemble that will portray the uniqueness of your company. Further to that, in addition to classical folding boxes, we do also provide other kinds of packaging such as slip lid boxes in order to advertise your perfume in a unique way.

Advantages of working with us

The production and perfume manufacturing will start only after you have been 100% convinced and satisfied by your choices and our design. Using the best raw materials for all the steps of the production guarantees a high-quality product. Not only are we working exclusively with long-standing partners in order to get the best fragrances and glass bottles. Since we are located in Singapore, we can take advantage of the MADE IN SINGAPORE, which will definitely place us at a strong vantage point. Our service also allows you to create other marketing medium such as Flyer or Samples that will complete your perfume’s line. We invite you to contact us directly per email or per phone and we would be glad to explain in more detail how it works, to discuss the next steps and to answer all of your questions.