Freda 'D reed diffuser

Reed Diffuser

Our reed diffuser is a stylish and elegant way to add a beautiful fragrance to your home. The reed diffuser comes with natural rattan reeds that gently disperse the fragrance throughout the room, creating a subtle and inviting atmosphere.

Our reed diffuser is oil based and not the typical alcohol based diffusers, it is therefore more concentrated and longer lasting. 

The reed diffuser is easy to use – simply insert the reeds into the bottle and let them soak up the fragrance. The reeds will then gently diffuse the fragrance into the air, creating a subtle and inviting atmosphere.

Control the strength of the diffuser scenting with the number of sticks. Our high grade reed sticks are thicker, does not clog up easily and scent up stronger. Great for the living room, bedroom, bathroom, office or any place that you would like to scent up. 

Available in 2 sizes, 50ml last between 1- 2 months and 150ml last between 4- 5 months.

Fragrance Collection

Our Reed Diffuser comes in 16 different scents to choose from! 

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