warm perfume


Warm perfume is a comforting fragrance that wraps you in a cozy embrace. The top notes of peony, blackcurrant, and star anise create a sweet and spicy aroma that evokes a sense of comfort and familiarity. The middle notes of almond blossom and lily of the valley add a delicate floral touch to the fragrance, creating a sense of warmth and tenderness. The base notes of patchouli, vanilla, and incense provide a warm and woody aroma that adds depth and richness to the fragrance. This perfume is perfect for those who want to feel comforted and cozy, like a warm hug on a cold day.

Inspiration Behind The Scent

” When I was a kid, I love to tag along with my elders to gala dinners, tea parties and dances. Just to be present with the people (although mostly adults) mingling, chattering, laughing, smiling, showing love and kindness all around will leave me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

Thinking back, as a little girl growing with my dad in his perfume shop while learning to create my own mix of perfume, my dad always reminded me to be friendly, open, kind and show generosity even in disagreement as it warms the heart and will brings smiles to others. We only live once, and showing compassion & love will bless you with a fulfilling life glowing with happiness & joy. ” – Freda


Scent Characteristics

Warm | Woody | Unisex

Products Available

Eau de Parfum | Discovery Set

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Top Notes

Peony | Blackcurrant | Star Anise

Middle Notes

Almond Blossom | Lily Of The Valley

Bottom Notes

Patchouli | Vanilla | Incense

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