private label

Private Label

Our private label perfume service is the perfect solution for businesses that want to offer a range of exclusive scents without the need for extensive research and development. These fragrances are produced by Freda ‘D, and then sold in the market under your own brand name. This allows businesses to create their own product line of perfumes quickly and easily without the cost and time investment associated with developing their own fragrance formulas.

The desire to create your own line of perfume can stem from many different reasons. Nowadays, it is very common to complete and diversify your product range with a new kind of product such as a perfume. Whether you would like to order a limited edition of 25 perfumes or a big set of more than 25,000 pieces, we are the right partner. Thanks to an all-inclusive service, our team will guide you through all the steps, from the creation to the production of your perfume. The conception of the smell, the design of the packaging, nothing is left to chance so that you can get the perfume that reflects your company branding. 

In addition to creating a private label perfume for personal or business use, Freda D’s private label perfume service is also suitable for events such as weddings, birthdays, or corporate events. A custom fragrance can be created to match the theme and style of the event, and can also be used as a gift or party favour for guests.

Our perfume specialists will develop 5 samples of your scent according to your specifications. You would then choose one of the samples or if all are not to your liking, our experts will further develop a scent till you are satisfied. You can choose a perfume bottle, atomizer, cap, design and packaging. It will usually take about 4-8 weeks for completion of the final product. In this case, we highly recommend you to get in touch with us as soon as possible.